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Join our High School and English School In China

Discovery Academy is a dedicated and professional Private High School and English training academy.At Discovery we strongly believe that teachers are the most important element in the educational process. Discovery Academy has assembled a team of educators who are passionate about teaching and work hard to fulfill their commitments.
Our extraordinary teachers not only connect with students, but also exploit their hidden talents and abilities. Students can utilize these skills to reach their limitless potential. We are dedicated to providing our incredible teachers with all the resources necessary to foster an environment of learning and inspiration.
Staff Exhibiting respect for others is of upmost importance at Discovery Academy.
This basic principle allows for a very open and friendly environment, where there is a direct line of communication established between all teachers, principals, directors, and students.
Through our mentoring program, students are connected to Teacher-Mentors who act as councillors listening indiscrimnantly to students dealing with issues in or outside of the school environment. We prioritize maintaining a supportive and open environment.

Employer Liability

We understand that not all candidates match with the potential Employer, that is why we take full responsibility for situations where the candidate is not the right fit There is no obligation and we pursue to search for more opportunities.

We are sponsored by a group of Educational Institutions of Canada who are interested in employment opportunities for their graduates. This partnership allows us act free or charge for both, employers and candidates.

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Financial responsibilities.

We understand that until a candidate starts to work, it is impossible to evaluate his abilities. Our Support Group will be responsible for our candidates, and each candidate will be on a probation period for 1 week. Following this 1 week, the employer will evaluate each candidate and if the candidate is not suitable for the position our Support Group will be responsible to cover their salary for probation period and continue searching for other alternatives.

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Government Program.

Due to today's labour shortage, Saskatchewan is very linient towards the Foreign Worker Program. Let Talent Discovery find your skilled professionals today, and Our non-for-profit organization will also provide you information on Grant opportunities that your business could be eligible for depending on the trade and size of your company.

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Our Teachers

Discovery Academy was founded 9 years ago by a PHD Researcher and Professor from the University of Toronto, Marina Blumin. Our goal has always been bringing change to the lives of students from all walks of life, and seeing them through to success. Discovery Academy is opening a location in with a Canadian teacher. We will have University level English education available and will prepare students for College/University Education in Canada. Find out about our Immigration through Education. Our highly experienced teacher in ESL and International education is ready to teach Canadian English to students of all ages and all levels. Call today to receive more information and schedule a live Webcam Meeting with the Headmistress at the office location.

Our Success

At Discovery Academy our goal is not to simply help you enter College or University, but it is to help you succeed and complete your chosen program. A lot of international students enter College and University but finish only 50-75% of the program because they were not properly prepared for University English. We help you save time and money by concentrating on what will help you succeed. Our Education Tracker gives parents daily updates on their kid’s marks, progress, and success. We will make videos with our current students from China and also put Our Success photo with University acceptance.

Our Education Programs

Take advantage of getting Canadian English education in Beijing. Our Canadian teachers put together an English program that is taught through Canadian Law, Politics, World Issues, and other courses. We will prepare you for essay writing, speech and presentation skills. You will get the right education to help you receive a Canadian OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) and enter College or University. We are a certified TOEFL center in Toronto, Ontario and our teachers can prepare you for TOEFL, IESLTS, and other English examinations.

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Canadian Contact: 1-416-302-4085
China Contact: 1-390-220-9604
Skype: eblumin
WeChat: 4163024085

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